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Serac, France / Malaysia

Aseptic, non-aseptic weigh filling m/cs for dairy / non dairy products for milk (UHT, flavoured, pasteurized, sterilized), pro-biotic drinks, yougurt, mayo, lassi, ketchup, fruit concentrates, condiments, beverages, edible oil, condensed milk, cheese spread. Lines to produce & fill bottles online. Users : Mother Dairy, Britannia, Parag, Pepsi, Coke, Marico, Nestle, Unilever, Godrej (edible oil), Kiaro Farms, Dabon, DS Group.
Website: www.serac-group.com

Feige Filling, Germany

Filling m/cs for pumpable products such as butter oil, enzymes, ketchup in drums, pails, IBC range of 3-600 Kg. Palletizers for 210 L drums. Robust & maintenance free. Weigh fillers for lube oil, petrochemicals, additives for lube industry, liquid chemicals, grease, TDI, ethanol, alcohol, methanol. Users : Mother Dairy Gandhinagar (butter oil), Nestle (ghee), Novozymes, HPCL, IOCL, Lubrizol, GACL.
Website: www.feige.com

Andritz Gouda, Netherlands

Drum Dryers for potato flakes, infant cereals, drink cereals, brewers yeast, fruits & vegetables, WMP, chocolates, gulab jamun mix & Indian sweetmeats. Steam peelers for potato also drum flakers for chemicals such as phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, starches, chemicals, etc. Users : Heinz, Nestle, McCain, Chitale, Vegit, Bharat Starch, Goodrich
Website: www.andritzgouda.com

Fasa, Lithuania

Packing machines for butter/margarine (in Alu-foil/butter paper), processed cheese also cooker, youghurt, cream, ice cream m/c, confectionery. Cup filling m/cs, butter re-working lines, homogenisers, tub filling m/c, case packer, Thermoform Fill Seal machines. Users : NDDB, Rohtak Dairy, Chitale, Vimal, Gokul, Heritage, MILMA, CreamBell, Everlike, Siddhi Margarine, Gagar Foods, Goodrich, Sun Gold, C.P Milk, Dodla, Tirumala Milk, Chanakya, Shri Mahalakshmi Dairy, Milky Mist, Parag & Indore Dairy.
Website: www.fasa.eu

Ing. A. Rossi, Italy

Fruit & Vegetable Processing machines (turnkey plants) to make pulp, ,juice, puree, concentrate, nectar, jam, marmalade, ketchup, sauces, syrups, pastes starting from raw fruit. Turbo juice extractors, Evaporators, Sterilizers, Aseptic Fillers, for mango, tomato, papaya, banana, guava, pineapple, dates, Users : Capricorn Foods (Gonglu Agro), Varun Agro, Lion Dates, Sri Devaraja Agro, Patanjali & Bector Foods (Cremica)
Website: www.ingarossi.com

Karl Schnell, Germany

Processed cheese m/cs (grinder, mixer, UHT cooker, blender, emulsifier), food / meat processing m/cs, convenience food m/cs. Users : Dairy Craft, Dabon, Parag, Flanders.
Website: www.karlschnell.de

Sapal, S.A. Switzerland

Packaging m/cs for processed cheese portions, IWS cheese (slices), cooker sterilizer, complete lines for processed cheese. Users : Amul, Schreiber, Dabon, Parag Milk Foods (Gowardhan).
Website: www.sapal.com

Alpma, Germany

Customized lines to produce high shelf life paneer, speciality cheeses, mozzarella; CNC M/cs for cutting paneer / cheese blocks into exact weight pieces. Users: Parag Milk Foods, Milky Mist, Gopaljee.
Website: www.alpma.de

Waldner, Germany

Automatic rotary or Inline Filling & Closing m/cs for pre-made cups / containers for liquid, pastes, powders. End of Line Packing Systems (Wrap Around Packing m/cs, Tray Packer/Sealers.
Website: www.waldner.de

Zilli & Bellini, Italy

Can filling / seaming m/cs, fillers (piston, telescopic, vacuum) to fill jars, other containers with condensed milk, juices, jam, puree, oil, syrup, mustard, peeled tomatoes (whole/sliced/diced), mushrooms sauces, pet foods, babyfoods pulses, beans, chickpeas, lentils, vegetables, carrot, onion, corn, plums, peaches, kernels, cherries, strawberries, pears, peanuts, tuna fish, meat, vinegar. Users : Travancore Devaswom Board, Patanjali – Haridwar.
Website: www.zilli-bellini.com

Euro-m Flexible Packaging S.A., Belgium

Alu. foil, PP, tear tape for processed cheese body and lid foil, also inner wrap film for IWS slice. Users : Schreiber Dynamix, Amul, Parag Milk Foods, Banas, Chitale.
Website: www.eurom.be

Royal Vaassen Flexible Packaging, Netherlands

Sealing foils / pre-cut lids for plastic bottles, cups, retort resistant laminates (peelable/ non peelable for in bottle sterilization aseptic, ESL & UHT filling. Users: Unilever, Coke, Danone, Lactalis, Friesland, Britannia, Mother Dairy, Vora, ExcelPack,
Website: www.royalvaassen.com

Aranow, Spain

Multilane compact high speed FFS m/cs for sachets & stick packs for single serve use for powders, granules, pastes & liquids all in one machine (ketchup, chocolate spread, dairy whitener, milk powder, cream cheese, butter, honey, ore-mixes coffee, sugar & milk pow., salt pepper, health drinks, jam. Users : Cadbury (Gems), Sun Pharma & Adkure, Banas Dairy
Website: www.aranow.com

Almac, Italy

Machines & complete lines for production of pasta filata cheeses, pizza cheese, mozzarella, clipped cheese, provolone, kashkaval, kasar. Curd draining, curd cutting, cooking, stretching, steam stretchers, moulding, etc.  Certified by DNV ITALIA, UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 Users : Lactalis, Parmalat, Galbani, Granarolo, Arla, Sütas, BelGioio and many more.
Website: www.almacsrl.com

Tecnosistem, Italy

State-of-the-art tailor made thermoforming machines, as per USA 3A Sanitary Standard Design and TPM guidelines.  Expertise in packaging of meat (sliced, cured, whole, boned), mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, pizza cheese, halloumi, gouda, feta cheese, emmentaler, cheddar etc. (sliced, grated, shaved, wedges), fruits & vegetables, spreadable products (hummus, jam etc…), bakery products, fish, healthcare, sanitary items and many more becoming an unparalleled reference point in the world of packaging. Package size: min. 20 x 50 mm, max. 600 x 1,000 mm & height up to 200.mm.
Website: www.tecnosistem.com

HaymanKimia Ltd. U.K.

High quality premium grade alcohols & solvents (absolute ethanol USP/BP/EP/JP, ethanol GMP synthetic or fermentation grades). Also industrial denatured alcohol, methanol & isoproponal. Available in drums, cans, bottles and ISO tanks and extensively used by pharma, flavours & fragrances, biofuel, neutral spirits, personal care (deodorants), laboratory, agrochemicals.
Website: www.kimiauk.co.uk

Newtec, Italy

Custom built high speed robust construction, heavy duty labellers with Vision systems, reduced electrical consumption and with 98% machine availability. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link in it. Each machine in a line (chain) must perform optimally for high overall line productivity.
Website: www.newteclabelling.it