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Our Vision

Our vision is to serve the packaging and food processing industries in India by providing an impetus to its growth through continual introduction of the latest technology and innovations from leading European companies, for better packaging, higher quality & higher shelf life.

Dynatech Marketing


Dynatech Marketing Company was started in 1990 by Mr. Anoop Talwar, a mechanical engineer from I.I.T. Kanpur (1972 batch), with a vision to set up a dynamic and technology oriented company that would promptly address the needs of Indian packaging industry. Later we diversified into allied fields such as food processing and special packaging materials.

liq fill m/c flavour / Steril,Milk,Probiotic,Lassi,Beverage,


Thermoforming machines for paneer, cheese, mozzarella, meats, fruits, vegetables, spreads, bakery, healthcare, medical & technical items.

Filling m/c for liquids & paste products into drums,pails,buckets,jerry cans,palletizer

drum dryer for potato flakes,Baby food, milk powder, vegetables,fruits, starch,chemicals,MA, PA etc

Butter / margarine packing m/cs, Continuous Butter Making m/cs, Thermoform Fill Seal m/cs, processed cheese packing m/cs and cooker.

Lines 4 pulp puree concentrate juice of fruit/veg,Asep Fillers

Processing m/cs 4 Cheese / Meat Mixer Grinder Cooker


Machines for conditioning & Packing cheese, Cooker sterilizer

Machines to make Paneer,cheese,cutting m/cs,whey processing

Fully automatic Rotary or inline filling & closing machines for pre-made cups / Containers

Filling & closing m/cs For condensed milk, fruits, vegetables, beans, creams, processed foods intins, cans, jars

Labelling system for every application – High speed Roll Fed Labelling Systems for increased line productivity & recurring savings.

Suppliers of the world for inner wrap film, Alu. Foil (body & lid) for cheese / butter chiplets

Packaging film, sealing foils, punched lids, retort resistant laminates, for bottles & cups, Juice

Multilane compact high speed FFS machines for sachets, stickpacks for single serve use for powders, granules, pastes, etc

Machines to make mozzarella, pizza cheese, clipped cheese, provolone, pasta filata cheese, steam stretchers, moulding m/c.

Synthetic ethanol, fermentation ethanol, absolute alcohol, methanol, etc for pharma industry, laboratory, flavours & fragrances, cosmetics, bio-fuels, printing ink industry and more. Supplied in 215 L HDPE drums, isotanks, 25 L cans & 2.5 L glass bottles.